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"Abecedarian poetry"

By Adrianne KirkseyPublished 4 months ago Updated 4 months ago 1 min read
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Although life is tough, it can also be mean.-

Because things that happen, are not always what they seem.-

Conscientious of all that has happened to me.-

Determined to beat the odds, that are against me.-

Excited about a new beginning.-

Feeling good, because now I am winning!-

Gleaming with pride,-

Humbly, not letting things slide.-

Instant gratification; not on this road.-

Journeying my past, so my truth can be told.-

Karma is working on my behalf.-

Learning more, and perfecting my craft.-

Miracles and blessings is all I need.-

Noble and generous is how I will be.-

Obligated to those who depend on me.-

Pleased, that I've set myself and soul free.-

Queening in my spirit, each and everyday.-

Romancing my life; dreaming my life away.-

Serendipitous; Loving every part of me!-

Triumphant, over all my enemies and foes,

Undefeated; In life, I took a lot of blows.

Vibrant; Now my skin glitters and glows!

Woke up, and now I have room to grow!

Xemplary; now, I'm my own best friend.

Yearning, for a fresh start to begin!

Zen, is something that I CAN WIN!!

Stream of Consciousness

About the Creator

Adrianne Kirksey


I am just a young grandmother with an old soul.

My goal is to create generational wealth for my family by doing something I love!

Victor's Daughter- AK

"The Writer of all Wrongs"

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