America in Verse
America in Verse

Life, Part Two

My Journey Through Oregon and California

Life, Part Two
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Everything living

vibrant with color

accented by sunlight.

Low mountains

blue in the distance

stand steady and firm.

Silent song

Immovable stance

Telling a story

filling their role in the scene

glorifying the God who cast them.

Scattered trees

outline the country

with bushy green.

An assurance that seeds are unfurling


stretching to burst forth and


the sun shining and water falling.

Sun's warm rays

early in the morning

glint off the tin roofs of storehouses

empty now

promise that work and faith will be rewarded.

Rows of irrigators


suppliers of water

waiting to do the work

for which they were chosen.


now in the cool shadow of the mountain

keenly aware that heat will come

and with it



tunnel beneath the soil

making it rich and fertile

making air possible

living also off the good they do for others.

All a promise

of Life.

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Nicole Ozment
Nicole Ozment
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