America in Verse
America in Verse

Life, Part Three

My Journey Through Arizona

Life, Part Three
"craggy shelters of the rock dwellers"

Red, golden, gray cliffsides

Craggy shelters of the rock dwellers

carved out by God's hand.

Sloping downward

smoothing to the flat stretches...

Dusty dry lake-beds.

Sunlight and shadows dance a picture of water...

But only a picture

For water is far beneath the Earth

and in the Sky her sister.

A plane dry between waters.

Scraggly bushes stand

each in their own place

dotting the country

making it appear swarming, teeming with life

on the surface...

only to be disappointed when greeted by


Life is here.

Life is hiding.

Life is found only by those who know how to look,

By those who have Life themselves.

nature poetry
Nicole Ozment
Nicole Ozment
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