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Life is like a lonely journey

by audre 2 months ago in art
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Life is like a lonely journey

Life is a lonely journey. A person carries happiness and bitterness, tosses between prosperity and desolation, and goes to that destination.

Since birth, life, this long journey began. No one knows what is waiting for him at the next stop and what he wants to - experience. A person walks silently on the way, with a stubborn attitude, every step is scattered between unknown life and death, every step is transformed between excitement and monotony, and every step is passed between warmth and cold.

On this way, we will always meet all kinds of people. Maybe some people will leave us on the way, and some people will accompany us through the storm. Warmth, sadness, some unspeakable stories, or light feelings, will always spread or flow in the heart. However, after all, they are passers-by. Their own lives cannot require someone to accompany us all the way. This trip is destined to belong to ourselves. This trip is destined that the people we meet are from strange to familiar, and then to strange, and finally watch them leave us. This trip is destined to need us to carry the unbearable weight in life with our own shoulders, and loneliness is always with us.

Nothing in the world of mortals can remain unchanged forever, and nothing can follow life and death. Even the oath of Mount Tai, even the promise of the end of the world, will be gradually forgotten with the passage of time. Not many people can keep telling themselves all the way and follow them all the way. When you meet a feast, there will be a scene of the end of the song. When you meet a beautiful flower, there will be a day of withering. When you meet an Iraqi who looks like a beautiful country and a beautiful city, there will also be a moment when spring is beautiful and old. Mind learning will not adapt to numbness, full of chaos and desolation, will grasp their own mind and suffocate their own soul at this moment. This trip is always dominated by sadness, while happiness is like fireworks blooming over the night. After a short period of brilliance, it leaves emptiness and sadness all over the ground, making the night more desolate. A person's loneliness is still languishing.

This trip will go through a lot, no matter the time, place or characters, from carefree childhood to passionate teenagers, from fresh and open countryside to high-rise cities, from Innocent partners to young students, all of which are changing more or less, with obvious physical transformation and spiritual maturity. We are no longer the original ourselves and the former shadow, It has already been covered by our time now. However, there is still a memory for us to remember. The eternal smile, the warmth of the soul, the lingering yearning, the clear and desolate feelings, accompanied by the unique howling of the train, gradually smoothed the lonely and sad heart.

Life is a person's journey, destined to travel alone. No matter how lonely it is, we all need to face it alone. We can only pour out our troubles and worries by ourselves. The long feelings hidden in the bottom of my heart will always escape slowly in the quiet and indifferent night in the face of the flashing neon lights of the city, bloom into a flower swaying in the wind and bloom outside the city. Life is a person's journey. Some misses are destined to happen, and some departures are destined to be irreparable. Whether it's missing or leaving, since it's a foregone conclusion, wave your hand smartly, let the tears flow in your heart, turn around calmly, and continue the unfinished journey. Life is a person's journey. All love, hate, love and hatred, all waiting and watching, in the lonely night, in the beautiful spring, with the samsara and gathering and dispersing of the four seasons, are like falling flowers floating on the river bed of years, happiness and pain will gradually precipitate, and finally ferment into a quiet and peaceful place.

If you can't let go of yourself, you may not be able to let go of others; What you care about most is not necessarily what others care about most. Why should your heart bear so much? The change of years and the change of time are destined to give up. It's better to face the long journey with the most relaxed attitude now. Life is a person's journey. If you travel alone and desolate and stick to it, you will see a gorgeous rainbow at the last moment of the journey. Life is a lonely journey. A person carries happiness and bitterness, tosses between prosperity and desolation, and goes to that destination.

I have long been used to the eternal sadness, scattered on the journey. His hard and firm way, or deep or shallow footprints, has become the only witness of this lonely journey. Occasionally confused, what do you pursue? Just walk aimlessly? Does it make sense? Perhaps, life is a meaningless journey. According to the track we set, we pursue a goal set in our heart. We pursue meaningful things in this meaningless journey. Travel with the mentality of a tramp, with their own dreams, no longer eager for eternal happiness, but the pursuit of temporary comfort.


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