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Life is Energy

by yanina maysonet 12 months ago in nature poetry
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A sonnet for the beach

Listen well and hold the shell to your ears,

Can you hear the sound of the wide ocean?

A kiss blown into the wind dissapears,

You can feel the breeze set it in motion.

Peace lies under the shade of the palm trees,

The sand rubs smooth between your painted toes,

Even here the sun ray's find you and tease,

Like lullabies they make sleepy eyes close.

Distant lies the warning voice that breaks joy,

Never take for granted what you have now,

Whether lost or left behind to destroy,

Be grateful it was found no matter how.

Life is energy it can never fade,

You must learn to walk through it unafraid.

nature poetry

About the author

yanina maysonet

I love to write fiction stories of the supernatural, romance, high fantasy, or science fiction variety. A bit of a baby, a bit of a rolling stone, just doing my best to avoid getting arrested. @ziggyer5 on the instagram.

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