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Life is a silent illusion

by Saleha Nova about a month ago in art
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Life is a silent illusion

Life is a silent illusion. When I wake up, in the gap of time, I think of those past events that seem far away again. Perhaps everyone has a city in their heart, where the undead are buried. There are their own stories, their own scenery, far or near, happy or sad, and then choose to forget or bury.

The sad songs of the years are sung in the cold wind season. At this moment, the memory is like the cold wind, mixed with the lonely breath, swaying the reflected branches, the fallen leaves falling vertically, tracing a sentimental old melody, counting the lonely charm, like the frozen time, an inexplicable nostalgia comes to my heart, hiding behind the prosperity in an Zhiruo, and thinking of our story in the thin and cool path of life, From the beginning to the end, it is as ethereal as a mirage, which is amazing.

The dark night swallowed up the distant dreams, and the cold wind leaped over the fragmented and imaginary wilderness and poured into the thin clothes, which made him shiver. Gu Zi thought. The thoughts in her heart were like the ripples on the water, swinging in two circles. The soft voice of long thoughts reflected the sparkling halo across her ears. You can see it within reach, but you can't touch it. It seems that this long and boundless dream is also doomed. I should have known this ending. I once comforted myself not to be too sad. Maybe sadness is inevitable. Looking up at the silent night sky, I didn't want the tears from the corners of my eyes to drip and wet my haggard cheeks.

Tired of the secular fetters, with the leisure of the breeze and the moon, I wanted to try to get used to the turning points in life. For too many strangers, such as the memory of you accumulated in my heart, I can't help but be surprised and worried silently under the silhouette of time. The faint melancholy is always hidden in the depths. Sometimes, it overflows in an inadvertent moment, sadness is also inseparable, and memories are always nowhere to be placed.

Time passes like an hourglass, wandering through the fragrant flower fragrance of memory, trying to regret the beautiful samsara in the story in the blurred mark, wandering in the dust of the past, so I learned to copy pila's prelude to eternal love to my lonely shadow in the silent day and night, and stumble back to the desolate area where one cried and one laughed.

Sometimes I feel that the fate between people is really shallow. From the beginning of meeting, knowing and talking about everything, to the end, there is only a silent passing by. The kite that breaks the line is fluttering everywhere, and finally falls to the ground. Nalan Rongruo's words, if life is just like the first time, how can the autumn wind draw a fan sadly? Yes, people are as beautiful as the first time they meet, there will be no sadness of sighing at the moon in the autumn wind.

I think I like nostalgia, just as I like classical poetry, calligraphy and painting, sword, wine and tea. I once learned from the ancients and found light and elegant poetry in ordinary lines. Although I know I have not adapted to modern life for thousands of years. For former lovers, those who have walked together and seen movies together, tell each other their joys, sorrows and joys. I don't know why, every time I think of the word once, I always feel involuntarily heartache.

How far is it forever? No one can measure it. Perhaps, no one knows how many stories are moved in the rush of years. They are lonely between the perfect dream and the cruel reality. Their broken eyes stare helplessly, hoping to seek a tranquility to comfort their sad hearts.

Tomorrow of tomorrow, the past of the past, wandering in the depths of memory, looking for the residual temperature. I miss happiness in the cold corner of the wind. Always can't help but sad, quiet don't think of sound, because can't tell, can't interpret the pattern of the picture, have to use a drop of tears to release.

Standing under the quiet sky, in the rustling cold wind, I can't afford to blow the past that I couldn't escape. The desolation on my face cuts through the painful memory; Yesterday's tears can still arouse ripples in my heart. When fleeting time has become the past, when things are right and people are wrong, when feelings are depressed and become tired, when the world is full of black, when experience is said to be doomed, when life makes me feel sorry, I can only suppress my sadness and face the uneasiness of thinking of you in reality.

Once upon a time, I was intoxicated with your gentle smile and elegant posture, and I was moved by your care and consideration in my mind. Now those thoughts like flooding and breaking the dike are the source of my tears. Although I no longer have you, I can't forget you in this life.

How many feelings fragrance in loneliness, helpless to wait for the posture piled with tears, after all, can not hide the bitterness of separation. Vaguely sad persistence, crystal clear tears connect into the most beautiful smile. The sadness of empty hope leads to the everlasting yearning at the end, silently stepping on the pain all the way, hoping for the garrison of the castle of love.

The past must be man-made. We often sigh that if we had not met, there would not be so many past and if in the future. In this beautiful time, whether we will carry on the time to the end and say goodbye with a smile! A clear song is sung continuously, and strangers at the end of the world have not returned. A sleeve full of fragrance can't smell back where the flowers bloom and fall. A cup of muddy wine can't finish drinking, and the smile and sweet voice fade away. A cavity from hate, endless sorrow, so I think of the love war at the front edge. Buddha said that love is better than knowing each other, and knowing each other is better than forgetting each other. Some of them can't fade the dust of all evil, but fate is hard to return.

Perhaps, everything will have its causality, because choice, will miss; Because miss, will lose; Because lose, will cherish; Because cherish, will get; Because you get it, you will choose... Everything in the world, follow the rules and be indifferent as before.


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  • Rome A Heliosabout a month ago

    Beautifully written really hit home on a lot of parts. If you connect over Vocal I am happy to give feedback :)

  • Joe Pattersonabout a month ago

    Very beautifully written.

  • Hannah Arianna Ashtonabout a month ago

    wow...I got shivers!

  • Subscriber here. I love reading your story.

  • Gerard DiLeoabout a month ago

    Wonderful imagery. Beautiful flow.

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