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Life in Colors

By Janis E.

By Janis E.Published 2 years ago 2 min read
Picture of Me, by Me

I imagined myself, from the moment I was barely able to walk,

Reaching for colors, wanting to be a part of the colors.

I imagined myself, from the moment I started to talk,

Saying the colors, like they were part of a chant, a spell.

I started to see myself, finally able to touch them, feel them as chalk,

Playing outside in the summer days, drawing away on the sidewalks.

I felt myself drawn to them, as if the rainbows were calling to me,

Asking me to join them on this beautiful journey.

And so, as I allowed myself to let go, be taken away by the beauty of colors,

I started to see how life would really be.

I could see the inner spirits of people around me, shades of different colors,

Dancing around me like a rainbow of fire, the breath of a dragon.

Mystical, breathless, inviting…

Auras of different strengths, powers from different roots,

A history untamed, suffering and pain.

A blissful life awaits in a time where colors are embraced,

Where a rainbow means more than just a golden race.

And while I’ve been on this journey with these beautiful colors,

Though less loved, judged, I’ve never felt more safe.

I’ve never felt more powerful, joint, collectively--

But with every effort, I somehow did not belong.

Forgotten, I realized that we are not one,

Because my color, unfortunately, is nothing but wrong.


I refused to believe that this journey was all in vain,

And if I couldn’t join the colors, I honestly would go insane.

And just like that, like a phoenix burned in the fire of the dragons,

I rise, I rise more powerful, more beautiful, and more graceful.

I became more than just a risen color of a shade unwanted,

I became a queen that birthed a legend of color.

The goddess of a place unknown,

A world where life is ruled by colors.

My Daughter & My Self


About the Creator

Janis E.

I'm a writer, a dancer, and a photographer. I love being creative because hey, why not! Creativity sells, entertains, and inspires. And I am all for it! ;)

Let's get to it!

Yours Truly,

Janis E.

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