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By Lily SéjorPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

Are you hungry for more?

Ask yourself that question


When you feel the tingle of desire

Clear your mind

Clean your room

When you’re done

Wipe the sweat, blood and tears

Feel no shame

You’ve always deserved to have it all

People are uncomfortable with power but

Be bold


Look innocent

Remember that you should

Stay under the radar

These people can’t appreciate your instincts

You can go as far as you want

You’ve had the license from birth

No one has a right to deny you

Understand that

The world cannot

Find a victim

In the man that you are

Have faith

Sharpen your weapons

It’s time to go to work

performance poetry

About the Creator

Lily Séjor

Lily is really not the best at describing herself, so she'll put this down for now and circle back when (if) she's inspired. For now, she wants you to know that she's your verbose friend who rarely knows what to say.

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  • Christy Munson3 months ago

    Lily Sejor, I love this poem! It works exactly as an inverse poem should with two distinct meanings when read in two directions. I particularly love your title! Darkly humorous and daringly done!

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