by Liz Shannon 2 years ago in sad poetry

They Call Life a Gift


They call life a gift

Something so precious we should

Treasure every second of it

But what if life isn’t a gift

What if it’s just a burden

Placed on each of us to bear

Without wish or whim

Or even a question

So you take your burden and you do your best

But this burden is life

And life isn’t that simple

And every single day

You play the hand you were dealt

Like it was the hand you wanted

But it all comes at you

Loud and fast and hard

It’s not good enough

It’s not good enough

You’re not good enough

And at night you lie awake

Wondering if the next day will be any different

But it never is

Because we’re all bearing the burden of life

A burden we call a treasure

sad poetry
Liz Shannon
Liz Shannon
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