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What would life be like to actually live in peace

And violence wasn't the only way to show emotional release

No more wars over things that make no sense

And people would stop making their lives a mess

No one should have to grow up this way

Being scared and not knowing what to say

Having to lock the doors as we drive down the street

And people getting murdered over aspects they don't meet

Homeless people that have no home

And there are teen mothers trying to make it on their own

Drugs getting used because people cant cope with the pain

Just open your eyes people it's real life not a game

Schools getting shot up because someone said something wrong

Families facing the fact that their child is gone

Girls going through pain they should never have

And getting beat and hurt by someone so bad

Life is so crazy now a days and not knowing which way to turn

Leaves us asking ourselves questions wondering which way we need to learn

Yes life would be so much easier if we just had it our way

But guess what, it's not like that, we just gotta go day by day

social commentary
Halie Marie
Halie Marie
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Halie Marie

I'm human. I'm a mom and wife. My stories have molded me into who I am today. Writing gives me my outlet I can't express verbally.

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