Letter to B

by Haley Vandyke 11 months ago in heartbreak


Letter to B

I wrote you a letter

But I never sent it.

I never sent the letter

Because I didn't think you'd read it.

I didn't think you'd read it,

because it seems you're never home.

But I think that you are there,

and don't pick up my call.

I think that you're just acting

like you don't care at all.

I think you froze before you answered

I think you moved your hand away.

I think you let it ring

because you don't know what to say.

I think that you're afraid

that I'll yell and scream and cry.

I think that you are scared,

that I'm going to ask you why.

I think that I should just give up

I shouldn't try to talk to you.

I think that if I'm honest.

I hope you miss me too.

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