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Letter for society

Come together

By Gregory AndersonPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

Letter for society

Let it impact all humanity

Regardless of race,color, creed

Every race has the right to just be

How far we have come simply

Just being able to walk through a door

Many lives have paid the price for sure

Still some citizens can not see

The trampled rights and inequality

When will we learn to see each other’s humanity

Life’s blood that flows through me

Flows through you regardless of the outside hue

We can create such awesome amazing things

Be the architect of that which destroys hopes and dreams

We can help spread the seeds of hope and love

Then eviscerate the vessel granted to us from above

We have the power we have the means

To change ourselves and all of humanity

Hatred that blooms shall consume the heart of man

Plots, plans, schemes erode the fabric of dreams

We must remember one pearl regardless of the soil we only have one world

social commentary

About the Creator

Gregory Anderson

I am a writer and filmmaker director & author. Writing has always been a passion for me. I wrote and directed a play called “The Rosary” which traveled around for a few years. My book “Poetic steps in time and season” is available online

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