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Let us into Eden

by Blaine Lindsey about a year ago in surreal poetry
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Its fruit once forbidden

Gopher snake that my boyfriend found, in front of a blossoming apple tree.

Blossoms on the tree of knowledge.

Naked in the springing gardens with a

Hunger that no fruit could feed, our

Spirit learning want from need.

No sin, we aimed and never missed.

The snake was sacred, never hissed.

We woke up free and future-kissed,

Aware of good and evil.

Not scared, we know the pearly gates

deserve a huge upheaval.

Watch us, damned angels, draw down heaven

for the people.

Let us into Eden to drink nectar from the steeple and

take venom from the fallen as an antidote for sleepers.

Pull me from my own ribs and I'll remain a promise keeper;

Marrying myself,

Carrying the burden.

Burying the seed

Of fruit once forbidden

May it be freed-

A forest never hidden,

Full of knowledge,

Food for all.

surreal poetry

About the author

Blaine Lindsey

Blaine Lindsey is a living love poem. Born in Vallejo, California. Queer spoken word poet with a stutter. Blaine's work speaks from the soul with compelling metaphors, emotional connections, societal observations and spiritual underlines.

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