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Let's get on the same page

by Dany Jean-Pierre 3 months ago in surreal poetry / slam poetry
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a letter with the reasons for our lack of sympathy

Dear Mom

I love you.

No one in the world can tell you different

I know out of all of your children

I'm the one you just don't get

Sometimes we’re on the same page

But most times I'm in a whole different galaxy speaking my alien tongue

Trying to get you to listen

You’re trying, but you're just hearing me

So let me translate


I honestly have no idea what I'm doing with my life when it comes to a career

But i do know

That I want to be a poet

I want scream out my verses

Telling my story and

Making people feel


Because Momma

That's what I strive to do in life

is touch somebody's life

And I'm not quite sure how I'm going to make poetry a career

But I'm gonna try my hardest

to do something

that let's me touch people like poetry does

so please try to accommodate my dreams

Dear Woman who created me

When I tell you I have a problem

And you ask why I told you

And my response is always along the lines of


I guess



Stumbling over every word that I had rehearsed.

You make me feel invalid within a breath of why

Making me feel like my problems shouldn't even be there

The things that trouble me shouldn't even confuse me

Much less rock my world off center like it's doing

I shouldn't have to explain why being called adopted bothers me

I shouldn't have to reason with you

Why the current world makes me terrified

I shouldn't have to notify you

Why I'm even having a panic attack

You know my triggers

Or at least you should know because

Goddamnit I told you

I told you

To your face

Straight up

Maybe that's our main miscommunication


I've been wanting to tell you

for a long time

But unfortunately circumstances made it less eloquent than I had previously planned

I'm gay

I’ve never been more comfortable in my skin

Rainbow blood flows through my veins

My pastel flags were in the closet

But I'm here now

Unapologetically gay

Gay gay gay gay gay gay

And I want to bare it all today

My galaxy of origin

Is no secret anymore

My species identification is non-binary

No it's not a new creature

Gender non conforming

Is a phrase that accurately describes my people

Is it really that big of a shock?

When have I ever conformed.

I know you're opinion

On this

Because you’ve shoved it

At me like it would change my nature

I know you think I'm confused

And that there is absolutely no room

For deterring out of your solar system

I'm sorry I've distanced myself further from you with this revelation but

I’ve loved so many people and not all of them were guys

I'm Proud of my new star that I orbit

I'm proud of my foreign tongue

The body I have altered and pieced together anew

The misunderstood reasonings for relocating to a different planet

You may never come to see it from my perspective

But To my mother who I hope

One day will accept all of me

I’ve given all the above translations

And I hope to God

That you somehow still love me

surreal poetryslam poetry

About the author

Dany Jean-Pierre

I started with libraries and now I’m trying to fill one with all of my own works.

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