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By Katrina ThornleyPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

It was in later years

That we chased the dreams

We formed in younger years

Before maturity set in

And brought with it

The weight of a world

Not interested in dreams

And favored plans,

But instead stuck in a drill

Of beginnings and ends,

Chasing after bills

And feigning interest

In the latest trend,

When hearts true

Remain stuck in dreams

Of adventure and splendor

Relaxation and tranquility

On an island

Or locked within the walls

Of a library

Flooded with tales of strangers

And the aroma of old books,

The scent that draws forth

The cunning thoughts

Of the life we expected to live

In place of the life we’ve led-

When we no longer care

For the newest and greatest,

The record set by strangers

And the rat race of modernity,

Will we learn to chase the dreams

That we created

While lounging beneath blue sky

And cotton candy clouds,

The route we were meant to follow

Before the end arrived.

Katrina Thornley is a nature poet. novelist, and freelance journalist that resides in Rhode Island. She has two poetry collections currently published, a novel, as well as a short story anthology. Her poetry collections "Arcadians: Lullaby in Nature" and "Arcadians: Wooden Mystics" were inspired by a local park and life in her small rural town. You can find them on Amazon now!

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About the Creator

Katrina Thornley

Katrina Thornley is a Rhode Island based author and poet. You can find Arcadians: Lullaby in Nature and Arcadians: Wooden Mystics on Amazon now. Her debut novel Kings of Millburrow is now available!

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  • Jimmy Butler3 months ago

    Older people need to chase the young people and impart the idea of chasing the dream while they have the spark and energy!

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