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Let her dance.

A poem of intense political critique.

By Marc PerainoPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

Steps so light and fancy free

Curls bouncing innocently

She dances on the Senate floor.

She dances as we cry for more.

Marie Antoinette of the American Southwest

She says, "Let them sell stocks!" (A senator knows best)

Blood on the floor.

Shit on the walls.

That's a normal day for some of y'all.

She dances,

She gets jiggy with it.

Spotlight feels so right when you're stealing it.

Blood in the hallways.

A flag in disgrace.

Let her dance! Let her dance!

Like spit in your face!

Her executives hoot, howl, and make it rain.

Who knew you could feel this good amidst so much pain?

There's death on the doorstep.

Lives lost to insanity.

But let her dance. Just let her dance!

In this moment of pure American vanity.

social commentary

About the Creator

Marc Peraino

Short fiction and poetry author in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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