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left or right

Too many choices and no choice

By Ivy in LovePublished 2 years ago 2 min read

"left or right"

raise a cup of tea

Drink all the bitterness and sweetness left over from the past

have a heart

Looking down at a book

It's all about other people's stories

But I forgot that I was also the glass of wine


listen to a song

melodious and melodious, showing miss

have you

someone likes the dark night

Because I can't give it during the day

Easier to get late at night

it revels in loneliness

someone likes to wander

because of walking through the crowd

Just know where is your home

it thinks of itself as a cat

someone likes to be loved

for loyalty like a dog

Most people don't

it made the dog

Diary 1: November 26, 2019

Ten months later, times have changed, and the mentality is completely different. At the intersection of life, go forward and don't look back. When it comes to important choices in life, choose according to the current situation. No matter how long it takes to look back, you will never regret the choices you made. I have been in love for more than three months now, and sometimes the fate is really wonderful, there is no sense of distance or strangeness, but there are still some contradictions and entanglements, and the emotional road is bumpy. Because I like it, so I am willing to pay. Because I like him, so I can accommodate all of him. Even if he doesn't like me that much. Cherish the moment and enjoy the love. The sea of stars, after all, you will come.

Diary 2: September 20, 2020

How many months later, time has changed, and then answer. The love I once thought was actually a person's love, but just fell in love with the self who thought I was in love. In fact, he doesn't love you. He never noticed your sacrifice and tolerance. Because he doesn't love you, he is picky and treats you with a downward angle and an arrogant attitude. It's not that you are bad, it's just you. Not what he loves. Anyway, over the years, how many boys who liked me have been rejected, and I insisted on finding boys I liked. This is a profound lesson. In terms of mate selection, find someone who likes you but doesn't hate you, and you like it more and more as time goes by. The boy on the other side, he may not be so smart but has the character of a scholar. A scholar is always a little high, and like me, there is a bottom line of kindness. In 2019, a period of less than 100 days of emotional experience (wasted time, wasted feelings, fortunately there is no other entanglement), the birthday in January 2020 has come to an end. Anyway, one is different and the other is wide, and each is happy.

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