Left Mickey for a Goofy

by DJ Nino XX 14 days ago in slam poetry


Left Mickey for a Goofy
Never realize who’s a Star

You left Mickey for a Goofy

Ain’t that what Ya say Chris told Karrueche

Things seeming kind of spooky

Or is it that I’m in a movie

Look ma I’m on TV

Nall this my LifeTime just not on a TV screen

It my life so I am about to make things real as can be

Bout to start flexing like I was always riding in Limousines

Ain’t gonna be no limited me

Keep your inhibitors because you aint inhibiting a thing

I’m do things Ambidextrously

You see I can smack you with my left hand just as easily

The truth be you never know you got a Goofy

Until you seen how stupid he be

When it is him and not me

I’m Mickey so I’m slapping my knee

From now own out anything you do is funny to me

Cause now you see

You changes from Minnie

To Clarabelle the cow and that’s funny to me 

On to the next Minnie you see

Hopefully she won’t make the same mistake

Ether way it ain’t gonna be bother me

You see I will always be Mickey the star to be

slam poetry
DJ Nino XX
DJ Nino XX
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