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Leaving is also returning

by Forida Parveen about a month ago in art
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Leaving is also returning

Where the ends of the earth is home, leaving is also returning. Leaving is the way to go, and returning is the way to return. But the leaving heart is still ahead, but the leaving heart is still looking forward to the way back. Returning home with a full load is the pursuit of travelers. Whether it is spiritual or material. Because everyone has different purposes, they go to different places, feel different, and have different ways to return.

With the heart of seeking knowledge, exploration and demand, we set out. Whether such a journey is close at hand or at the end of the world. Whether we are for other people's orders or orders, or for the search in the depths of our soul, or for our urgent things. With our respective purposes, we are on our way. There are songs of farewell and tragic departure. Therefore, some people are unhappy during the journey, some people are doing as usual during the journey, and some people enjoy the scenery along the way. They either go from city to countryside, or from countryside to city. Their noise, their passing, and their coming and going decorate this originally peaceful world. Whether in the north of desert, grassland and flying snow, or in the south of small bridges and flowing water, they are like ants in the market, but they are not as single as them, probably because they are so different. This may be the difference between humans and animals.

For life, it is just a process. Before life, everything is turbid. After life, everything seems clear, but it is actually turbid. Life is just living by the load of the body. We are just looking at the scenery along the coast of our journey in the process of the body from fresh to rotten. At the two ends of life, maybe it's different, maybe it's the same. The living don't know, and the dead don't know. In the face of the situation that the living and the dead don't know, maybe the time of coming and going are the same (of course, my logic can't stand scrutiny, but I'm just stating a feeling in my heart).

Heaven and earth are the same, and heaven and earth are interlinked. What we are familiar with is only a little memory left. For the vast land, our stop is only a moment. Although we are poor, what we see is only a temporary style. Too many things have gone with the years and become a sealed memory. As for these memories, they must also be verified in our vision, or in the concerns of the mind or in the legends of speech. As for those lost due to the change of landform, even if we stick to it, it is in vain. This is like a dandelion. It is only familiar with this land in its lifetime. As for where it was conceived, it does not know, as for where its seeds are going, it does not know, let alone its root. Perhaps only the wind that comes and goes at once can answer its answer. Dandelion so, people may be no exception.

Walking and wandering, walking in wandering, this is probably the essence of life existence. Because there are too many things in the world, just setting off our life. Whether we are greedy or indifferent, when we finish the process of life, what we take away is our perishing soul and rotting body. Maybe we occupy the tip of the iceberg in life, but when we die, all the things we possess will be returned to the world, whether they are acquired from scratch or taken from your parents. Our temperament determines our attitude to live in this world. Whether free and easy or formal, we all walk on our own journey. When some people walk forward, they just focus on one point. They may get some, but they also fall into a trap; When some people move forward, they just use their own life to experience a kind of fun in their carelessness. He doesn't care what is ahead of him. He doesn't care what he is called. He just goes his own way.

Sometimes we live only to know the dignity and inferiority, sometimes we live only to know that the occasional loneliness is also a kind of fatigue. Sometimes we don't know the difference between far and near. Sometimes we don't know the difference between big and small. The so-called size, distance and distance are only in our vision and mind, because we can only understand Zhuangzi's "free travel", but can't be on the scene. When we are alive, we should go out for a walk. Take our bags and wisdom and integrate our bodies into different places. Let the broad vision and broad mind support the ups and downs on our future road; Let our life draw a circle without too many regrets. Regardless of the green mountains and green waters ahead, regardless of the solitary smoke in the desert ahead, as long as our hearts are in the wind, flowers, snow and moon, or the old saying, since we choose the distance, we should go through both wind and rain! Perhaps our destination is our starting point, and our departure is also a return. Because "the opposite direction" is no longer a fable. The earth is round. We may go the opposite way, but we can still reach our end. Maybe we have taken an extra journey than others, but we share the same goal with them. This may not be a bad thing for travelers. Because we are at the beginning of the circle, along the orbit of the circle, close to the end. Because we have experienced more flavors of life in this extra journey. We went far, but also approached, we left, but we also came back.


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