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Leaping Day Miss Mary May!

Growing giant lily pads

By Shelby Hagood Published 5 months ago 1 min read

For Leap Day Miss Mary May wanted to be able to leap like the frogs in her pond, so she took some floaties out to the water. When she hopped, the floaties would tilt over and splash her down to the water. The frogs tried to help her out by telling her she could leap onto logs, but she told them logs would probably roll too much and she would still fall.

She then asked her father to help make wood circles that would help. They were like small boat pads that he even painted green to look just like the frog's lily pads. They did well, but she still wanted to be able to enjoy the full leaping experience. She asked the frogs if there was any way to grow giant lily pads. The frogs told her they would grow big, but not enough to hold her up because snails would eat the leaves.

She then made a deal with the snails that she would bring them food if they didn't eat through her lily pads she was trying to grow. The snails agreed and she soon was able to have giant enough lily pads to leap across the pond the exact same way as the frogs by Leap Day as they cheered for her "Leaping day Miss Mary May!"

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