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Laying with Lucy

by Samuel Braithwaite 24 days ago in surreal poetry

A poem about my love affair with psychedelics


I was too young,

the first time

I laid with Lucy.

I placed her on my tongue.

She picked me up,

dumped me on my back

and left me staring up.

She whispered

soft seductions

into my ear

“I want to show you something.”

I agree without a sound.

The delicate hues of red light

inside our tent

transformed into

magnificent fractals.

I watch

as Lucy wills them to dance



slowly they

spiral into


then burst

spreading beyond my vision.

Lucy begins to mock me;

“Isn’t this what you asked for?”

I didn’t know anymore.

I didn’t really know

anything anymore.

I’d never felt

such fear

or witnessed such

strange beauty.

My world was

falling apart

then reassembling

into a strange reality

in front of my eyes.


Lucy and I

became one.

The fear faded

into fascination.

A new, strange bliss

washed over me.

We conversed at length

for hours.

She spoke transcendence

into my ear,

down through my soul .

Her words illuminated

my mind.

Everything was still.

Everything was right.

If we weren’t

so damn high

maybe I’d remember

what she taught me.

surreal poetry

Samuel Braithwaite

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Samuel Braithwaite
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