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Lady Di

by Janelle barker 2 years ago in celebrities

The princess we loved

Lady Di
Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

At 5ft 10 tall with stunning beauty

This angel stunned the world

With her duty.

A young Diana did marry a Prince Charles

From other Royals she got snarls

An independent woman, we watched grow

With 2 sons William and harry

They filled her with life

They made her glow.

Thing soon turned sour

With an affair he had

This made Dianna

Very mad

She had 2 sisters and 2 brothers

Was talented on the piano

She like dance

Maybe the tango

Beautiful, humble, elegant

The charities she helped

Where to her testament

Diana the most influential person

Of the 20th century

We will forever hold her in

Our hearts and in our memory.

Related to Winston Churchill and 10 U.S Presidents

Towards the end of her life

She lived in torment

Diana developed a love interest

With Major James Hewitt

She looked happy

We knew it

Battling mental health issues, eating disorders

And suicide attempts

Behinds the scenes

Her heart was breaking

Whilst the paparazzi

Was staking

Media did not leave Dianna alone

There was no where she could turn

To be on her own

1997 Diana passed away in a car crash

The world in disbelief

We thought the media

Was speaking trash

It was true

There wasn’t a dry eye

How could this happen

Now her soul is in the sky

The driver of her car

Influenced by alcohol

Took this princess’s life

She was our real-life doll

Mother Teresa gave Diana

Rosary beads that where

Buried with her

Although no longer living

She still holds power

Thousands came to say goodbye

With many tributes

There wasn’t a dry eye.

Diana’s grave on an island

On her family’s lake

RIP Diana

You have no more heartache


Janelle barker

Author of emotives

Poetry is powerful



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Janelle barker
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