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The End...

By Daemion SynclairePublished 4 months ago 2 min read

After everything Humanity had been through...

It ended in just one moment.

A split-second decision made by the wrong person.

It was all over…

We had failed!!!

Humanity was ended by our own greed,

by our own stupidity,

and by our own arrogance.

It was all due to our sheer IGNORANCE.

All the happiness,

all the first smiles,

and first tears,

All the love,

all the pain,

all the books

and all the art,

all the brave and smart ones,

and all the ones who didn't care at all...

It was all just memories now,

but there was no one left

to remember how it was

to be a human.

The biggest temples

the people made

to communicate with their gods,

the tallest high-rises,

and a sandcastle a kid made

some time in history.

All the uncountable lives

taken away by war and famine

and all the uncountable times

A child cried after falling for the first time.

All the first steps

and last breaths,

It was all done.

And it was all for nothing...

The world had been torn apart.

It wasn't the same Earth.

In the middle of an infinite universe

and infinitely other worlds,

the blue planet was now gone

and there wasn’t even

a reason to mourn about it...

Because it simply

didn't matter at all,

not any longer…

And on the surface

of that dead planet,

in the middle of nowhere...

No one heard it,

but a specific song

written by a random person

in some random time of

human existence was playing...

In requiem to a buried existence,


surreal poetry

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Daemion Synclaire

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