Knocking on Doors

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Knocking on Doors
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I started this page today

I have a better thing to say

If i can make dish room scale on this

It will not be a game of hit and miss

At one point; "a shot in the dark"

I move more steadily to my mark

Motivation equation

Random relation

Scavenging as a Poet

More so cause i wrote it

I can get the day knocked out

What is published about

The Earth sails through space

and with it the human race

We have to drive for the Sun

So better things are begun

The environment is important

I am not all that accountant

I just toss this rhyme in the air

Hoping it will drown out any despair

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Bruce Underwood

I am trying to figure out if i can make the same amount of money working as a poet for Vocal that i can working part time as a dishwasher.

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