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by Duanyell Williams 5 years ago in social commentary
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Power Trip

My will is primordial

My being dates before time

The world is mine

I was born a giant

Born to impose

I'm impulsive and I can't be stopped.

My parents tried to tamper with my spirit as a child...

I had them slit each other's wrists with my grey ceremonial daggers engraved with symbols of chaos and wilderness.

I raised myself in their stead and the gruesome monsters I imagined in the shadows of my palace donned tuxedos and fell prone under my eyes

I'm omnipotent.

My presence reaches everything that is, was, and might be...

It's my herald marching far and wide through pantheons in flowing gallium armor,

Forcing gods to their knees to kiss my feet.

It's turned beasts of calamity to pets.

I'm mastodonic.

Fenrir is my lapdog, waiting to rip a failed jester's head from his shoulders.

I'm the apex predator.

Whatever I so choose will reveal its throat and smile as it's slaughtered.

My dominance even preludes life.

Children and animals praise me in the womb.

I've been several creators....

Built golden cities and beautiful societies.

Free thinkers and philosophers erect statues of me.

More and more is learned every time I create conciousness.

Everything known, though, is built upon foundations of ash.

I've had brilliant fits of villainy upon whim...

I've played part of maestro in every apocalypse story in every reality

I've had Pluto raise the dead in cities around the world to inspire bacchanilia with festering infections and rioting in the streets.

I've spoken ghouls into existence to devour children in front of their parents.

I've watched them tie a son's entrails around his father's neck to hang the old man from a chandelier.

I've ordered veterans out of retirement to burn down and break cities...

The elderly marauders think they're doing good.

They think they're blessing and saving.

Eradicating wickedness...

Past anxieties lead their eyes to see a grand palace of demons,

But they run into peaceful towns with full metal jackets.

I've broken the seven seals and The Four Horseman ride at my command,

Destroying mankind in my name.

Ragnarok's been enacted time and time again at my hand.

Every so often, I'll handicap one team to see who comes out on top.


I tickled Atlas' sides just to watch the weight of Heaven break his back and crush everything as it finally met Earth.

I do as I please

Only what I see fit.

There is no outside force implying rules upon me.

I'm everything.

Nothing is higher than me

Nothing can govern me.

I'm sovereign

I'm absolute.

social commentary

About the author

Duanyell Williams

I like to tell stories.

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