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Just Who I Am

by Julie Murrow 2 days ago in inspirational

I am me.

“Your eyes are amazing,”

the man said to me.

I smiled to myself because,


they're not just blue.

My eyes are the colour

of a bright spring sky,

pretty yet piercing,

unable to lie.

They're not just blue.

“You should colour grey hair,”

my friend said to me.

I smiled to myself because,


my hair’s not just grey.

It’s threaded with silver

and white like the snow.

It’s proof that I’ve lived a life

all of my own.

My hair’s not just grey.

“A rosy complexion,”

It’s been said to me.

I smile to myself because,


It’s just who I am.

I’ve weathered some storms and some

rough, windy days,

been frozen by snow, burnt by

the sun’s rays.

Yeah, it’s just who I am.

Julie Murrow
Julie Murrow
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Julie Murrow

I'm an avid reader, writer and pianist. I have written on a variety of subjects and in various genres from children's stories, poetry and history to adult short stories. My three Skinny Pigs and I live by the sea, where I grew up.

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