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Just Keep Smiling

by Amargeaux Rai 6 months ago in slam poetry

A Narrative Poem.

Just Keep Smiling
Photo by Reagan nicole on Unsplash

Your lips are red. Smiling.

So full of confidence.

Your dress is orange,

And as creative as your perspective.

The yellow flowers in your hair

Are as bright as your dreams.

Your eyes, as green

As the grass caressing your skin,

Are so full of love.

So loving.

They're as clear as the blue skies over us,

And every bit as expressive.

So calm is your indigo mind.

You know we'll make it through anything.

And as long as I stroke my hands

Through the violet streaks in your beautiful hair,

You're at peace.

And to keep your peace,

I keep smiling.

You see the newfound beauty of the world.

But you don't see the looks

That I still see;

The eyes of the people

Who scowl at us holding hands.

Our two very female hands.

You see how far we've come.

I see how far we have to go.

Love and Sex

Are not the same,

Gender Preference and Sexuality

Are not the same,

And they still don't see it.

I love you,

And seeing you happy,

But I'm still violet

From emotional bruising.

I'm still depressed

And anxious.

I wish my mind

Was as indigo as yours.

I'm so confused

About what to do about this.

The sky is still blue,

It's only grey over me.

I feel I can never express this to you.

The green grass that caresses you

Left stains on me from fighting.

I feel you're the only one

Who loves me for me.

And as I stare at these yellowing bruises,

I feel angry and helpless,

Because the task at hand

Is STILL not over.

I play with the orange leaves

To hide my face.

To hide my tears.

I've lost my creativity.

I'm out of ideas to get through this.

I'm low on energy.

I'm low on self esteem.

But the one thing

I will never do,

Is let the eyes

Of the woman I love

Turn as red as mine.

Just keep smiling.

slam poetry

Amargeaux Rai

I am a freelance writer, blogger, poet and artist who studies Holistic medicine, palmistry, herbalism, and astrology. I also love interpreting dreams, eating chocolate and giving hugs.

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Amargeaux Rai
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