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Just A Touch Of Ruin

by The Omnichromiter 2 months ago in heartbreak
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A Song Of Love Lost

It was love at first sight

It was all I’d ever need.

We were painting a picture,

We were planting a new seed.

It all seemed so perfect.

It all seemed so clean.

There was one thing we forgot

One thing we didn’t see.

Days turned to months

Months into years.

We always seemed so happy

Cause we ignored all the fear.

Our seed grew so hardy

Into a Gallows tree

Cause there was one thing we forgot

one thing we didn’t see

Devils dancing

On the stars embroidered in our eyes

Drums of autumn

Ticking away at time gone by

Forgotten voices

Warning of the hurt to come.

Some kind of monster

It seems the damage has been done

Who knew an eye for an eye

Would leave us both blind

A curse so dark and lonely

I leave it all behind.

This is another kind of madness

A time for perfect change

There’s a beauty in breaking

There’s a beauty to this pain.


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The Omnichromiter

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