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by Truman 4 months ago in excerpts


As a travel afar, through fields and ridges, dessert heat even some red hedges, I come to the top to see the way, man that's far, but not too far away. So I dive and I jump I dip but not dapper, I run thru the heat I push and I push, notice out the corner of my eye, raptors coming thru the brush. I scream and I run I can't seem to find my home, I hear a lady say you can do it, so I grit down and strut some more, night has fallen now I'm almost at my shelter, I must take a break now till dawn, so I don't risk, I goto the water to quench my thirst..... I got ate by damned ole fish....



I’m just a simple man! I live in the country, not sure how to describe myself. I’ll try again….one day! For now I hope those that discover my poems enjoy them as much as I did composing them! Much love to all you beautiful creative minds!

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