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Journal entry:

Aliens n me

By Jay,when I writePublished 5 months ago 1 min read
Journal entry:
Photo by Viktor Talashuk on Unsplash

“are all of you like that too?”

i ask the aliens as they look around for clues

i put on the show “what would you do”?

to show humans have descended for views

they look confused as on why we need this

i say “it’s to entertain and to get hits”

we should all know what’s right from wrong

but only on our screen if it’s fake and long

john quiñones for the people, now a joke

as i scroll on tiktok for the multiple hoaxes

“i have nothing to show that’s worth your time ”

and it’s true! they know what’s beneath all lies

they have watched us for centuries

in the low blue shadows

but i can show you one thing

in my private little chateau

just behind that door

of all my books and plans

“i have one for each of you”

i put in their hands

their eyes light up with flare

a facial expression i’ve never experienced

and seemed unfair

as they read upon, so curious

i start to wonder why

out of all the things in the world

why my books of life?

that can ever be hurled

7 year old would have never dreamed

of aliens crying to her expressions of glee

“are all of you like that too!”

they look but with no words

and i understand their clues

as my is heart full of life

as i’m finally understood through and through

social commentaryheartbreak

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Jay,when I write



23, Black, queer, yup

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