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Jimi's Last Poem

by Maureen Kellar-Kirby 2 years ago in celebrities · updated 3 months ago
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Parts of notes and an original poem received by Maureen in 1972, two years after the death of Jimi Hendrix through paranormal communication - automatic writings.

Die daily

we die like the dishes are done

wash them away

wash them everyday

acid in my bones

I saw the air flash

when I opened my eyes

oh baby, nobody ever dies

cosmic watermelon

salad bowl supreme

you dream and you dream

about being all there ever has been

flashing back the years

clock the waves of time

peppermint at Christmas

peppermint is kind

Mama brings us peace offerings

to patch the holes I find

ride the flow of stardom

see how far I'll fly

tornado cloud funnel threatens black upon the sky

whip me up a bowl of mayonnaise so I can go swimming

California sunshine

blots the false perception of my mind

dawn streaks red across the infinite sands of time

a purple haze winds its way into this little rhyme

fame and glamour plague me running from the storm

where freaks and sideshow people dare

I hear my train approaching

Pinocchio wants to sing you a song

until the media spotlights dim

absorb these words along

marmalade horses dancing

on a kaleidoscope merry go round

the toy box comes alive with sound

as it used to on Looney Tunes

on an English night coated with ice

Heavenly messengers arrive

knock on my door

this one shall die

and I question why

I was only singin'

Jiminy Cricket, dig it

has jumped the wicket and is gone

please lay flowers on my grave

my sweet lady of life


About the author

Maureen Kellar-Kirby

Maureen Kellar-Kirby, author of "Go Back Jack" Total Recall Press (2018) and "The Leprechaun Who Was Not a Mouse" (2021). https://www.maureenkellar.com.

Music - https://soundcloud.com/maureen-kellar-kirby


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