JAY-Z - Smile

Produced by No I.D. & JAY-Z

I'm starting this "clouded" series with a track I wrote a long time ago

the more you'll watch clouded

the more you'll understand my process

not that I want to be understood (you get it... maybe)

I have a very small amount of friends

can I count them on my fingers? yes

and most of them I don't talk to often

but when we link

it's always like before

energy is the same

we changed but we mostly all kept the same core

that's what I connect with

their core

I know some people get completely reformatted

and that's okay

but some of them never do

in this generation

a constant flow of conversation is what qualifies as a good friendship

so this song is really just cover-up to show love to one of my friend

s/o to my F.R.I.E.N.D

who hooked me on F.R.I.E.N.D.S

some friendship are worth mentioning to your kids btw

i'll let my kids know about this one for sure

ps: I have to write a text of hundred words

each time

don't mind some of these words

they are here for the paper

performance poetry
How does it work?
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