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Jamaican Futures

Views for Sale

By Zach GrattanPublished 6 years ago 1 min read
Photo by David Anderson on Unsplash

A time machine for yesteryear eats friends and bottles jump intake.

The future calls and smells like rum, distillate coconut debris.

The kindly conch man shakes some life into salty bones, “come on now,

come see what happened here.” The silicate hoarfrost imbibes the sea.

“They came for twilight coastlines, vestal eaten vista memories,

welcomes alongside tiki suds, underhand swaps for palm futures.

Divided parcels shared then seized, no two thank you’s alike, a pen-

ny for your thoughts, seven fifty per view.

Cheery state school interns man the

desk where I once lived to live.

Seersucker suits chase treasures with a price tag gun

Too beautiful for words, but not for numbers.

Enjoy her now my friend, sunsets on Amazon, two day free freight,

replace the tin roof leaks and beached beings, red line Redstripes with us.

The broom closet spun round my head, my soggy face, spare uniforms

For tissues. Hi mom, I’m away consuming fresh ideas baked

with love, preservative recipes, save the world, then discount

buy off clearance.

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Zach Grattan

There’s a story in every dish, but most people find it kind of hard to listen with their tongue.

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