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Jack Doesn’t Want to Clean Up

Jack the Bear finally cleans up.

By Casper TalesPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Jack and Donny

Jack doesn’t want to tidy up his toys.

They are everywhere.

He’s too busy having fun to put anything away.

There are blocks, and trucks, and tracks, and Duplo all over the house.

Jack can barely find his bed to sleep at night.

His friend Donny the Dinosaur comes over.

Donny is uncomfortable. He can’t even swish his big dinosaur tail without hitting a pile of toys.

“I can’t move around freely in your house, Jack. I don’t want to play here anymore,” says Donny, and he leaves.

Jack is sad.

Jack works very hard to clean up his mess. He organizes everything where it’s supposed to go. When he finishes playing with a toy, he puts it away. The house is tidy!

Donny comes back over, and they share a wonderful day.

All that playing has made Jack very tired.

Sweet dreams, Jack!

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About the Creator

Casper Tales

Age: 37

Insurance broker by day, library owl by night. Avid writer, proud father, devoted husband, and novice chess player. B.Sc. from Queen's University.

Currently living in Alberta with my wife and two children.

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