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It’s Okay Not to Be Okay

by Morgan walsh 4 years ago in sad poetry

What My Mental Illness Feels Like

My mental illness has no sympathy

“It comes and goes in waves”

It’s breaks me down

It takes away my sunshine

Days go by and I wonder if the storm will ever end

Day after day, fighting my head

“Kill yourself” it says

“No one likes you” it says

“Don’t answer that phone call, what if you can’t say no” it says

But I brave it with a smile until..

I break

I end up in the mental hospital

Somewhere I’m ashamed of

But somewhere I need to be

It’s okay not to be okay

-Morgan Walsh

sad poetry

Morgan walsh

I am a 21 year old soon to be nurse!

“It’s a beautiful day to be alive”

Gym rat, musician, poet, YouTuber


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Morgan walsh
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