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Its Magical...

by Kenneth cruz 7 days ago in surreal poetry

A poetic glance at the irony and mystical nature of our reality.

It's magical

The opposite of practical

I can't explain what it all means to me

Everyday I almost feel like I wake up in a different reality

Dont know what it's meant to mean

Am I supposed to control or transcend this world built around the physical

I feel I'm supposed to create but have to watch my wake

Or is that egotistical

And too lose control of it all

Makes me feel like I've crashed head on into a wall

It's like slipping in a puddle in a bathroom stall

And after the fall you don't quite know whos at fault

Or the reason you toss some over your shoulder after you spill the salt

It's magical

Not quite practical

It's an email erased

Or a solution found too late

It's bumping into your ex when your date already canceled cause your running late

It's waking up in a certain state

Or the weather sealing your fate

It's being born with certain traits

Or getting stuck in a certain state

It's factual

Only sometimes impractical

And every day I ask is it destiny and meant to be

Or is it something conceived

Because of what I believe

surreal poetry
Kenneth cruz
Kenneth cruz
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Kenneth cruz
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