It's Okay to Lose

by Peggy Butler 2 years ago in sad poetry

We have all lost someone.

It's Okay to Lose


Who says you have to be broken by losing someone?

Who says you have to lose them?

Maybe this time I won’t

No more waiting

Just go for it.

Aren’t you tired of waiting for the prince to make the dire move?

Chase him!

Run till you can no more, then yell till you can’t breathe.

Then and only then will you know

Its okay to lose someone.


They never warn you, do they?

How much it will hurt.

How many nights of sleep you’ll lose.

How easy it will be to lose yourself.

No one ever told me.

When I have kids,

I won’t lie

I will tell them everything

Till they have lost all faith.

I will hurt them all at once,

To stop the constant flow

From the world.

sad poetry
Peggy Butler
Peggy Butler
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