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It's about time to be selfish

You are the main character now.

By Miss RiyaPublished 7 months ago 1 min read
It's about time to be selfish
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You have spent enough of your time for others. You have always cared for their opinions, for their well being that you have hurt yourself in the process. You are shattered. You have trust issues.

The one regret that most of us have is that we spent our life not for us but according to others. We never thought enough about ourselves. And regrets are the worst things to have.

You have come a long way ahead. There were people you did everything for, yet they left. They once meant the world to you. You think about them and you ask questions. You regret. You keep thinking about all the efforts you put in. You were ready to leave everything.

It changed you. It has shaped you into the person that has trust issues now. They ask you why don't you open up. You only smile. They do not know the complete story. They only know about the person who doesn't believe in love. They don't know about the person who was once madly in love.

I know that there are nights when everything comes to you at once. And you think of all the things that went wrong. You regret because you lost your self-esteem in the process. You lost everything. Yet you didn't get anything but pain in return. They are lessons now.

Apart from everything, this is the time to become selfish and think about yourself. Do what makes you happy. This is the time to live your life according to yourself. Take your decisions. Work on yourself.

You are not alone in this process. We can work together. I care for you. I am with you on this journey.

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