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by Marty West about a year ago in surreal poetry

It never ends


When I go to bed at night

Have to have a security light

Cause my dreams have no reservations

Afraid of a sudden sound

I’m to afraid to look around

In my mind I believe it’s my destination

Lived it all many years ago

Not enough time to let it go

Because the dreams seem to real

Trapped in another fire fight

Don’t know whose wrong or right

Just want to live to see another day

Many times I have woke up screaming

Not for sure if it’s real or dreaming

Times I’ve cried myself to sleep

They say it’s over it’s in the past

But the dreams always seem to last

Can’t figure if they are real

Marty West

surreal poetry

Marty West

Happily Married 58 years old

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Marty West
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