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It Can't Be...

by ©I.M. "That Girl," Inure Muse 4 years ago in inspirational
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Are you still daydreaming? It's time to wakeup

It can't be a world like this...

People in need... money and greed

NFL sparrow flies the coups or takes a knee to the soldier on the front line covered in enemy blood beyond the pyramid sands

and I still can't get my motherf*cking teeth fixed...OHIP don't cover that shit...

Feelings and emotions betwixt

my shit-show personal life and CP24 news

or 'trumped-up' texts... and world-wide boos from people who don't understand what it takes to run a country of ungrateful shits, shitty caricatures, tweets, texts or late night shows, porn and d*cks...

"with bush and roots sitting in our chair as our next guest"

bitcoin, Wall Street, gold or silver...

"and the DOW is down again"

Wtf to invest next?

Spa filled with happy endings

Or splurge a loathsome load on some interns chest...

Whatever options seem the greatest, I don't know, or whatever serves you... or them, best.

Financially massage the media, and tonight's top story

"New murder, in our fair city as another unstable soul, killed x many... people tonight"

will do the rest...

Smoke and mirrors

All the missions to Mars, or to the front... uniforms in the streets...

are keeping needles in your veins, jib on the glass, coke in your nose

And Big brother on your ass... with an eye in your sky

Looking down at your every move...

Giving up your ancestry DNA to twenty-three and me

Forfeiting your roots, and who you are, and mere identity,Unknowing to the fact that it's not all for your benefit.

Just to see where you're coming from...

or if you've got something to prove.

Because now, you've given two of every kind... so...

if a flood should find its way to you and you should be without an arc

you'd be created in his image... reborn to live, 'the plentiful life'

a life of social credits, and status, and static if you don't OBEY

Cast out of the garden to wander in the dryness of the night

Never again to see the day

The key gatekeeper is to keep you

oppressed, Kardashian obsessed, "Why the fuck did they cancel it?"

And... "why does Jaden not like tits?"

Honestly, for real... Think! Does any of it matter,

when there's so much more at stake?

And as long as your soul stays vulnerable.

The charts stay top-able

the more of your life they can take

Don't think that you can't rise to the occasion like a phoenix from the ashes and spread your wings...

Evolve and ascend beyond the meritocracy, masquerade, mediocrity,

social media, murders, wars, drugs, depression, hopelessness and other powerless things...

You are a cosmicentity...

Listen to me now... closely.

You were meant to be

a leader beyond Kings and Queens

Way baktun a time of Marduk, Asarluhi, Enbilulu, Nammu, Inanna, Ninhursag, Utu, Akhenaten Atum-Ra, Isis, Horace, Osiris, Enlil, Enke, Sarpānītu and Thoth

Thing is you forgot your Inca in your pen... on this test... sacred geometry Sumerian theology, Mesopotamian, Anunnaki Ancestors, Mithra, melody, Buddha, Plato, Aesop, Maya Angelou, Langston, Snowden, Mandela, Aristotle, Orwellian and Egyptian philosophies ...gone with your Lavar Burton Roots...

and traded them for iPads, Instagram, Facebook, Buzz Feed, and iPods

and you've been 'Reading Rainbows,' while the devil and your best friend are in cahoots... planning and programming with the architect in a construct... distracted by thelady in red

Oracle, Mouse, and Trinity, transform us

vi veri veniversum vivus vici

Morpheus to a Neo way of life...

Ignorance is not bliss

And there is a way back to your Pleiadian crown... a palace beyond Orion

if you open your third eye

Belenus guide you in a fiery chariot on a Ptath back to the Sun

Fulfill the Tao Di Ching, Nirvana and 'come as you are' with that "teen spirit." Rastaman vibration, Jamming with a blunt...

"got to have Kaya now,"

to Bob Marley... Africa Unite... and come to together as one...

Every colour and shade of the rainbow every creature on land, sea and sky OM Namaste...

Om, May we all be protected

May we all be nourished

May we work together with great energy

May our intellect be sharpened (may our study be effective)

Let there be no Animosity amongst us

Om, Shanti peace (in me), peace (in nature), peace (in divine forces)

Bhagavad Gita to the beginning torealize our cosmic connection how the energy is endless and we can cease to exist in human form... but we can never die...

☥©️Inure Muse


About the author

©I.M. "That Girl," Inure Muse

Hi! I'm "That Girl Muse," author, artist, muse, poet, surrealist and spirit guide, who uses creativity as a means to heal the mind. Each poem's a lil' bit of Inure Muse's story @Find_the_muse & support my work. You can also book me online!

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