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>Clear. Quiet. Peace.<

By -Nate-Published about a month ago 1 min read
Photo by Mark Patterson on Unsplash

Fascinating the feelings you get when everyone and everything fades out of your mind.

Moments of complete silence, drop the sounds.

Having no thoughts, It’s so beautiful.

Being present with yourself.

Finding our purpose.

Moments of clarity.

Letting thoughts fly by,not grasping them as such.

Nothing to be seen.

Meditating on existence.

Bring forth all the joys of life.

Experience your Consciousness of self.

Relaxation at its finest.

Let go now.

Or hold steady.

Being the lone figure, in the vast space.

Craft your story, a dialogue of self.

Self meet the universe.

The distant memories reveal.

Clear. Quiet. Peace.

Mental HealthStream of Consciousness

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“Stay calm and serene regardless of what life throws at you.” -Marcus Aurelius

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  • Rowan Finley 25 days ago

    :) Nice

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