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by Robin Laurinec 3 months ago in performance poetry

A Poem

Like the silky gossamer wings of a dragonfly,

as it soars through the air,

unaware of the trials and tribulations of those below,

my spirit soars with the coming morn,

and the brightness of the day.

Or like the inner layer of a seashell

gathered up by an enthusiastic child on the beach,

holding it up to the light

to watch the colors dance around the hollow inside.

I am hollowed out, but full of color,

A void of endless possibilities.

Or like a bubble, gracefully drifting through the air,

swayed by the slightest breeze or gust of wind.

Sitting on a blade of wet grass, poised to take on the world

at a moment’s notice.

The threat of popping always present, yet still I float along,

refracting the light around me in intricate patterns.

Swirls of red passion,

green envy,

blue sorrow,

and yellow happiness

flowing through my veins,

coiling around my insides

until the entire lining of my body becomes a shimmering surface,

and I am transformed into a prismatic being of light.

I am iridescent,

a shifting, calamitous,

fluid cacophony of colors

that morph and warp around the curved surface of my body.

I am everything and nothing all at once,

like a crystal of ice illuminated by the rising sun,

glorious in its simplicity.

I am a reflection, a refraction of the swells of light and dark

that color my existence, yet the power

to hold all the colors at once resides in me.

I am luminous,

and I shine with the intensity of a thousand suns

blazing forth to welcome the coming dawn.

performance poetry
Robin Laurinec
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