Invisible Strings

Answers and Dancers

Invisible Strings

Watching invisible strings

controlling very visible things

It has them dancing

It has them diverting

It has them hurting

I can’t cut them for them

and so they have me hurting too

while I play pretend.

I’ll dance around

for a single song

but I can’t dance for two

without feeling wrong

Why my eyes seewhat makes it be

isn’t a mystery to me

But the answers

don’t stop the dancers

They pirouettethey shimmy and shake

their tail feathers flapping

to the tilts of the strings that take.

Maybe it’s best they have something toting them along,I can’t say I know what they’d be doingwithout those strings leading them on.

The threads that pull my headgot me out of bed,and I saw my trail,so I cut them offso I wouldn’t fail,but they taught me how to see,and I have the heart to make me, me.

I don’t mind taking a leashand wrapping it around my neckand pulling myselfout of any wreck.

I gotta keep yankingand though my throat is full of rashthe callouses keep me focusedon what the challenge is.I’d never want my collarcontrolled by an ownerI didn’t know,I wouldn’t trust themto make me grow.

So the woe of the puppetspulled by invisible strings,is a woe for mebut for thema future it brings.

I must say their masterknows not too wellhow to avoid disaster.The reigns would be better offin the handsof better brains,but for now as a visiblethat’s something I can change.

I’ll tell those string holders now,when I leave this groundand get back into the invisibleI’m going to make them miserable.

Slap the piss out of their bladder,tie reigns to their neckand climb up the ladder.I'll pull those pulling themand make a better worldfor us in the end.

For now though I'm hereand have a formthat does show,so I’ll run the loop free from the chain,and see what I can change.

Anything I fixwill bebut a blip in this mix,because I’m taking with methe skull notes I’ve been jottingand when my hearts decides its stopping,I’m hopping on a trainstraight to the chains.

I’ll have their gripsin my invisible fingertipsand trail those frail string pullersinto a world that’s much fuller.

Enough though of the esoteric jabberabout a mystical invisible ladder.

Let’s dance while I’m here,and I'll shake as best as I canall while pretendingthat I don’t understand.

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