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Intrusion of the Dead

by devil racer 4 years ago in sad poetry
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Poems of a Deviled Mind...

Seek the meaning

to find the truth

look for answers

no one knows

tortured souls

have no place to go

so its my mind

they intrude

voices ring out of tune

some say they died too soon

others want answers

but speak of no questions

only with reasons

as I become poisoned

many have been torn apart

lingering for hope of a heart

~But you're dead,

Is all I said~

so they continue to invade my head

killing me dead


while I bled

and thoughts began to fled

because my blood is not red

my soul is dense

darker than the black hole

my life they surely stole

my eyes abode

as I sit and loath

cloaked in crimson clothes

a future untold

hands so cold

and they won't let go...

sad poetry

About the author

devil racer

Writing poetry for 20 + yrs. My work is very dark, I have my own views and express them insanely deep with my poetry.

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