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Into Darkness

by Laurel Parker-Chan 5 years ago in surreal poetry
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A Concept

the light is beautiful,

of course…

but so far from the magic

held inside the Darkness.

forced loss of sight

lets us truly use

our visions;

our brains

connect each

hint of smell

with every

wave of sound

to allow us to

touch the Unknown.

we feel the holistic world

around us,

as it is…

without discrimination.

without judgement.

for it is all

just a feeling,

arising from within.

the Darkness of the world

is truly yours to explore,


Into the Darkness

Odd to hear that isn’t it? Campaigns are usually titled with a quick catchy phrase, which may be arguable here, but even so, why influence an exploration into darkness?

Darkness, as you know it, --as we learned it-- has only symbolized the maleficent elements of a story or moral. We never come to ponder the plain symbolization of known darkness, at hand being the great unknown. While most people live in fear of the unknown, I believe we should venture out: into the darkness, deep into the unknown. Explore new ideas, conceptualize new experiences, learn everything possible. It may feel uncomfortable, although, we must make use of open mindedness.

In the darkness we are given only that of which we can perceive to be real, but we have no sight. With the absence of sight, we can use our visions, uniquely derived from every individual bane. We can learn to understand our given reality in such a way that leaves out discrimination and prejudice. We can open our senses to surrounding ideas and people or whatever it may be, and then begin to understand.

Imagine you’re a new kid, attending this foreign school for the first time. You’ve been stressed out about the move and your skin is starting to hate you for all that missed sleep. Or, maybe you’re incredibly beautiful but undoubtedly insecure. Almost everyone feels the increased amplitude of anxiety when you step into an unknown situation. But now imagine that people didn’t silently judge, but instead questioned. They fill the room with rays all signaling their self to you. They become interested in your uniqueness, your talents, your brain. Imagine, they set aside all other differentiating human characteristics and focused on getting to know you, and your radiating vibes. Could you imagine the positivity and curiosity flowing through the air?

Stepping into the darkness is creating an atmosphere where these sparks of exploration and open-mindedness come together in zeal for more knowledge. Together we can create this environment here, and eventually bring light to the darkness of the world.

The Truth

people will forget what you may have said,

people will forget what you may have done, but

people will remember the way you made them feel

Tumblr: Kovacat

"I wanna be that person

who just radiates nice energy like,

I wanna be that person

who you’ve never spoken to before

but you think of me as a friend already.

I wanna be that person

you feel that you can come to for advice whenever,

or someone who makes you feel better

by just talking to you.

I’m gonna try really hard to be

that person. "

To Be True

look with your ears

feel with your heart

surreal poetry

About the author

Laurel Parker-Chan

young poet, exploring life and illustrating the feelings invisible to the superficial glance

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