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Poets in Motion


by Matthew Mikituk about a year ago in inspirational

Small Miracle


Sitting on a park bench contemplating the evils that are done

I wearily hold my thought filled head in a dominant gaze above

The starry night skies and moon filled backdrop had just begun

The constellations and glowing skies are now a mere treasure trove

Streaking across the starry night sky a errant comet whizzes by

Unbeknownst to myself an ominous presence is lurking about

The shadowing movements are cruising on through as I solemnly wonder why

My perceptive thought is almost enough to make me shout

Then as quick as an instant a calm cool breeze sets upon me

Irrational thoughts and contemplation are now a calm collected meditation

Believe it or not these shadowing movements have apparently set me free

When suddenly I realize I’m on a Mediterranean vacation

Sudden flashes of light and color in my vicinity

Aid me in awakening from a self induced gaze

Seemingly going on like an infinity

But yet back to the comet ablaze

What seemed like almost an instant or parsec of space

Left me in wild wonderment of our lowly human race

Whilst infinity knows no harm yet guarded by a shadow force

I need to know of shaded movements and their source

Lowering my head almost like on tethers

I gained my composure and began to refocus

Noticing in the ground a single growing crocus

Surrounded by elongated feathers.


Matthew Mikituk
Matthew Mikituk
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Matthew Mikituk

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