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Intersections of my life

a poem

By Emma DatsonPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Intersections of my life
Photo by Mareks Steins on Unsplash

These intersections of my life,

Have always caused me strife,

But isn't that what they're meant to do?

I strive on, even though I’m blue.

There are always lessons to be learnt,

Struggles so that growth is earnt,

I travel along on my lonely road,

But now I live in the light bestowed.

Gaia, she gives me so much joy,

As I walk amongst the hoi polloi,

I seek out my favourite trees,

In the chill of the winter breeze.

I have finally found my center,

I am my own life inventor,

Seeking out my next intersection,

No longer living in recollection.


About the Creator

Emma Datson

I am 40ish, medically interesting, Australian poet, who is finally using her voice. My superpower is my vocabulary. Dive in and read an eclectic mix of poetry and creative non-fiction, full of love, grief and hope. Light, love

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