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Intergalactic Bond

The herbal embrace, The bonding of two species

By Jesse BridgesPublished 7 months ago 1 min read

In a realm where stardust whispers dreams,

An alien soul, curious it seems.

Came to Earth, a journey at last,

To view our world, an adventure cast.

Amidst green meadows, they did stand,

A plant, a treasure of our vast land.

Nature's gift, both old and wise,

With fragrant whispers that mesmerize.

Cherished herb, like Earth's embrace,

Unveiling secrets in quiet grace.

A flick of the flame, Smoke is consumed,

A cosmic connection, Our souls harmonious tune.

The alien inhales, with curious eyes,

A glimpse of Earth's intricate ties.

Through tendrils of smoke, they explore,

The mysteries of life, what's at its core.

With each exhale, the bond is formed,

Two beings, in unity, transformed.

A shared experience, transcending space,

A testament to our human grace.

In the cosmic vow, a fate revealed,

Peace and friendship, eternal and sealed.

A resolute bond, a song that will resound,

In hearts and echoes, forever unbound.

Here, beneath constellations timeless art,

Aliens and humans, a story to impart.

A saga of peace and kinship, to transcend,

An ode to unity, where destinies blend.


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Jesse Bridges

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  • Kathy Newby Porter7 months ago

    I loved it, good job!!

  • Alex H Mittelman 7 months ago

    Great poem!

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