B/c of U


Most nights I can't sleep.

Most nights my thoughts become too deep.

Most nights I cry and cry, weep and weep.

Most nights I can't sleep.

Some nights I don't want to sleep.

I just want to think.

Some nights thinking leads to drinking.

Some nights I don't want to think.

I just want to sleep.

But instead of sleeping, I stay up

until dawn silently weeping.

Some nights I want to sleep forever,

Some nights my brain says "never."

Every night I think of you.

Every night I want to drown

my brain in your image.

Every night I hate you.

Every night I love you.

Every fucking night

I can't sleep

and it's





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Michele Hastings

I never created this to make money, just to write like I do everyday and hope that someone enjoys it! 

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