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Mirror Images

By El PoetPublished 8 months ago Updated 3 months ago 2 min read
Photo by Kenzie Kraft on Unsplash

When I look in the mirror.

What do I see?

It's clear,

I've been


viewing these dear streets


Check the picture scene

A liquor fiend

full of nicotine

and weed

with a grit that's mean,

yet logistics

seem crisp and clean.

A fit emcee,

picture me...

in the grey breeze

I'm giving the public

what they want,

and not what they need.

They don't want

to see a better me.

The world feeds off negative

people live to see

soul's temple bleed

inside this simple creed,

chained spiritually...

moving at minimal speed

and the pinnacle be

slow folk in the fast lane

switching up their last name

when socioeconomic class changes!

Bragging about their baggage,

as if that's a thing!

But that's dangerous...

and, that's a shame!

Folks blend bigger threats

than cancer,

so smoking cigarettes

become answers

in spots where it's hot

like the tropic of Cancer...

Young girls shake

like topless dancers...

Young boys

brake man's law

and take time off

ending up

thrown in the can, bruh...

Sore sights for the eyes,

if I've ever saw... Scandalous...

Body scans are rough, to fly...

Strip down and your pants are gone!

Just off a quick examination?

Actually it was an observation...

The way they pick out a perp is obviously hatred!

Agent Smiths in this Matrix

Assimilating and shapeshifting,


Once you

give up your placement

Ya' house and home gone

So long to the stretch on your patience,

it's far gone, like a Drake album...

and Mo' law has me thinking

about nations

and NBA players braking ankles

and what they saying in barbershops

places where they talk a lot,

you can buy anything, and get a chop!

Skinny jeans with bootlegs

stay trapped by the cops!

And all they say is,

they 'running it up on the ops!'

All the while,

men crying on Facebook, we live to watch!

I don't eat at a diner, drive-in type spot...

The Black Guy Fieri...

I stay lit with the lights off!

My mirror image never takes time off!

Putting myself through a grinder...

I vary but my mind stays raw,

or is it war?!

Since we're living backwards...

They sounding off for their findings,

hard diamonds in the rough

or from the core of this the earth's crust...

I want my pie to eat it,

cornhusk grown all over this boring rustic scene...

I wish I could delete it!

Yet, history is in the memory, boo!


I wanna make do of Halloween

and dress up with my queen, cool?

Nefertiti and this Egyptian goatee,

it's the King Tut in me, glowing!

Striking, the whole beam...

My guided light is inciting the whole thing...

'Sizzle lean!'

Outside smoking,


on my own being...

with Tupac on, 'Picture Me Rolling'...


When I look in the mirror.

What do I see?

It's clear,

I been,


viewing these dear streets...

performance poetryslam poetrysocial commentaryfact or fictionBad habits

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El Poet

Subscribe, so I can provide something magical while striving to be autobiographical. For the life of me I shall not take a sabbatical. I'll keep writing these apical poems, as longs as it's fashionable to my passionate flow. Let's go!

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